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Together, we create emotions, making employees and customers feel appreciated, buying-in to your brand values.

They probably won’t have even realised it’s happened, they just like you better, trust you and believe in you, because you have reached them through all their five senses. Boom! This is the power of live communication.

So do these emotions have a value? You bet they do, otherwise you wouldn’t spend good money creating them. But do emotions alone have a value? Not really. It’s not the emotions themselves, but what your employees or customers do differently when these emotions come into play. Because your employees feel more appreciated, they work harder, take less sick leave and don’t leave for another job. Because your customers think of you as a socially responsible brand, they buy more of your products etc. This is The Why…

For any event to create value, the participants have to actually do something afterwards, something that creates value to the stakeholders. You have to make the participants do something they wouldn’t otherwise have done. This is the only mechanism known to man for creating value from events.

So the truth is, you don’t turn emotions into money, you turn emotions into actions, which in turn lead to either more sales or lower costs, thus improving your profits and shareholder value. And that’s the emotional truth.

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The Super bowl ad break. The ultimate prized prime time advertising slot. Everyone’s watching, it’s the Holy Grail. Reaching a global audience of 114.4 million viewers, advertisers spent $4.5M per 30 second ad this year vying for the hearts and minds of the viewer.

Here’s one of the best from this year’s list:

Investing in a quality film that tells your story and connects with your audience can have a massive impact, especially if it focuses on what your company can actually help them achieve, not just the features and benefits of your offering. Take time to find those buried gems of customer stories (and they will be there) a story that really answers The Why and you stand a good chance of making a memorable impact, one that might just influence your prospect to refer you to a colleague, consider you when purchasing and so on.

So you’ve created your ad… how do you make sure they’re watching?

That Super bowl primetime ad slot costs $4.5M for a simple reason. People are watching the ads. So how do you target your audience? Well, luckily a degree of precision access is now available to business generally for slightly less than Super Bowl prices… Using new software that harnesses video as a sales engagement tool and hyper-targeted sales techniques, if your message is relevant and presented in the right context its now quite possible to intelligently maximise the chances of getting your story in front of the right audience and viewed.

God bless the internet…


Being invited to speak at an event can be an exhilarating career enhancing experience but remember it’s a jungle out there! So it pays to be prepared. Here are 3 essential gadgets to help you make sure you’re tooled up…

Wireless presenter

If you find yourself presenting as a guest at an event where you aren’t sure what technical support you’re going to get, it pays to be prepared.

Pack a simple USB wireless presenter and apart from being able to pace around doing your own rehearsal somewhere quiet, you won’t suddenly find yourself tied to a lectern cueing your slides from your laptop when your preferred style is to move around the stage for dramatic effect. It’s £20 well spent and you get to have some childish fun with the built in laser pointer backstage in the green room.


Kensington Wireless 2.4 GHz USB Presenter and Red Laser Pointer – Compatible with PowerPoint and KeyNote

Countdown timer

This is a no brainer. If you’ve been given an allotted time, stick to it. You might have the best script in the world but if the organisers are running to schedule and you’re running over, you’re gonna get cut. You really don’t want to be distracted by someone waving a hand across their throat just as you’re building to the climax of your presentation. So, practise presenting using the countdown timer on your mobile as a guide. If you’re over, cut the script rather than speed up. On the day, if one isn’t provided, find somewhere you can prop it up where you can see it in the corner of your eye. It will pay dividends.

Comes as standard on most mobiles or download an app like ‘presentation clock‘ from Shaun Welch:


Pocket projector

If you want to run your own rehearsal in a break out room and a screen isn’t available, a pocket projector could be the answer. You can get them for as little as £50 but if you want something that works really well for an iPhone 6… Check out the Aiptek Pico projector.


Here’s what the bumph says… The MobileCinema i60 is the perfect gadget for your iPhone 6. The compact projector connects to your iPhone just like a second skin put on your iPhone and projects all kinds of media onto a screen size of up to 150 cm (60″).

And with PowerPoint now available for free on the iPhone, you really have no excuse not to polish your performance, wherever you are.



Gone are the days when how much people enjoyed an event was the accepted single measure of success. ‘making an impact’ or ‘raising brand awareness’ are fine aspirations, but after the fact, did it actually have an impact? Did it actually change anything?

These days, everything is measurable. The web has made getting real data on the effectiveness of marketing spends, click by click, view by view seem normal, expected. And so this new norm is now driving a new approach to live business comms, one that encourages more effort is made to gain meaningful measurement of the success of what we communicate. Its totally possible to measure the success of a live communication, it just takes planning and consideration to build it in.

This approach, combined with time spent defining proper business objectives of the communication can deliver real, measurable, behavior-affecting results. Get this bit right and the rest should fall into place.

When we set up The Why, our intention was to ensure that every solution we put forward to a client would be more than simply clever or creative: it would be truly measurable. We didn’t just want to pay lip service to the idea of measurement: we wanted to do it properly.

So we follow a tried and tested step-by-step methodology that we developed to help us explore the motivations behind the communications need. With some honest appraising of what the business is actually trying to achieve, it’s usually possible to agree some realistic objectives against which to measure the success of the communication and the return on the resources invested in it.

And getting the measurement criteria right at the start gives us the parameters we need during the creative process to test and cross-check our solution before we propose it to a client. It also means that when we present that solution, we can also present the criteria we’ll use to measure the output.

For our clients, that means less time wasted on re-briefs – and more confidence that that piece of communication will do exactly what it needs to do.

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Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation.

You’ve got a killer script, your slide deck smashes it and you’ve practised your delivery until it’s really slick. You’re ready to connect with your audience, raise some eyebrows and stimulate some minds. But you aren’t finished prepping just yet…

A critical element of preparation for giving a presentation is de-risking your performance. There’s a lot happening on the day of an event so you’ll want to be familiar with the environment you’ll be presenting in and have faith in the technology and people supporting you.

Show up to the venue early and push for an early rehearsal slot if possible, that way you won’t get bumped by someone senior or lose out if everyone else runs over their allotted rehearsal times.

Familiarise yourself with how things are planned to work. Are you controlling your own slides or cueing an operator backstage? If it’s the latter, go and find them and say hi. They’ll care more about your presentation if they can put a face to a slide deck and you’ve met under calm circumstances rather than meeting under time pressure when you need to make a last minute change.

Listen to the presentations before yours and if possible, refer to them in yours. You’ll seem more on the ball and better connected to the overall content of the day.

Don’t assume you will have internet connectivity. If you’re planning on running a video that is streaming live in your presentation, one word of advice. Don’t! Even if it plays ok in rehearsals, once the room is full of people sharing the same bandwidth, it will more than likely fail. Remove this risk by downloading the clip and embedding it beforehand.

Take your laptop power supply. This is a common, painful mistake. Chuck it in the suitcase just in case…

And finally, take a USB stick. You may well end up using someone else’s laptop to run your presentation on. The humble USB stick is still the simplest and most reliable method of saving off a presentation. Don’t assume someone else will have one.