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The Super bowl ad break. The ultimate prized prime time advertising slot. Everyone’s watching, it’s the Holy Grail. Reaching a global audience of 114.4 million viewers, advertisers spent $4.5M per 30 second ad this year vying for the hearts and minds of the viewer.

Here’s one of the best from this year’s list:

Investing in a quality film that tells your story and connects with your audience can have a massive impact, especially if it focuses on what your company can actually help them achieve, not just the features and benefits of your offering. Take time to find those buried gems of customer stories (and they will be there) a story that really answers The Why and you stand a good chance of making a memorable impact, one that might just influence your prospect to refer you to a colleague, consider you when purchasing and so on.

So you’ve created your ad… how do you make sure they’re watching?

That Super bowl primetime ad slot costs $4.5M for a simple reason. People are watching the ads. So how do you target your audience? Well, luckily a degree of precision access is now available to business generally for slightly less than Super Bowl prices… Using new software that harnesses video as a sales engagement tool and hyper-targeted sales techniques, if your message is relevant and presented in the right context its now quite possible to intelligently maximise the chances of getting your story in front of the right audience and viewed.

God bless the internet…