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Boys At The Movies

Together, we create emotions, making employees and customers feel appreciated, buying-in to your brand values.

They probably won’t have even realised it’s happened, they just like you better, trust you and believe in you, because you have reached them through all their five senses. Boom! This is the power of live communication.

So do these emotions have a value? You bet they do, otherwise you wouldn’t spend good money creating them. But do emotions alone have a value? Not really. It’s not the emotions themselves, but what your employees or customers do differently when these emotions come into play. Because your employees feel more appreciated, they work harder, take less sick leave and don’t leave for another job. Because your customers think of you as a socially responsible brand, they buy more of your products etc. This is The Why…

For any event to create value, the participants have to actually do something afterwards, something that creates value to the stakeholders. You have to make the participants do something they wouldn’t otherwise have done. This is the only mechanism known to man for creating value from events.

So the truth is, you don’t turn emotions into money, you turn emotions into actions, which in turn lead to either more sales or lower costs, thus improving your profits and shareholder value. And that’s the emotional truth.

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